Estate Appraisals and Sales

Throughout my 30+ years working in the jewellery industry I have always had an appreciation for the older pieces that have come under my microscope. Estate, Vintage or pre-loved jewellery has an allure of both history and craftsmanship that lends them a timeless beauty.

As the gemologlst looking after the estate department at Kinnear d’Esterre I've found that many share this passion for older works and now in my own store I'm being met with the same interest. This has encouraged me to add quality estate pieces to my showcase.

It can be a beautiful Victorian piece or a more modern design, but each piece has a beauty and history all of it's own in addition to an affordable price tag. This is recycling at its best! Looking for something special? Drop by or contact me to see the wonderful pieces that are waiting for a new home where they be worn and enjoyed again..